Does getting a quote oblige me to engage your service?

No, getting a quotation, which includes completion time and price and other associated terms and conditions, does not in any way oblige you to engage our services.

How can I pay you from outside Malaysia?

As for now, we accept Paypal payment (in $ or £). We also working on accepting payment on WeChat pay, and will update our clients once this becomes possible.

Do you provide certificates?

No, we do not provide any certificates for our services.




Do you provide receipts?

Yes, upon request, and it must be made when making payment.

Can I call you?

No, our mode of communication is entirely via our corresponding email. We would like to have concrete record of our correspondence with clients.

What other types of services you provide besides proofreading?

You will have to email us your request(s), and we will let you know if we can fulfill your requirements. Take note that charges will apply accordingly.

get a sample of your document proofread now. contact us for details.